Depositary receipt programme

NEX Group plc has a Depositary Receipt (DR) programme. NEX DRs trades on the Over-The-Counter Market (OTC) in the U.S. under the symbol NEXGY.

Depositary Receipts (DR) are negotiable U.S. securities issued by a U.S. bank, referred to as a “depositary bank”, that typically represents a non-U.S. company’s equity. DRs trade freely in global markets and can be listed on most major stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the Over-The-Counter-Market and the London Stock Exchange. All trades are quoted in U.S. dollars and settle in the U.S. clearing systems as with any other U.S. security. Dividends are also paid to investors in U.S. dollars.

NEX Group plc has a sponsored Level 1 ADR programme for which The Bank of New York Mellon acts as Depositary. When dividends are paid to shareholders, the depositary makes the equivalent payment in US dollars to all ADR holders.

  • Ratio: 1 DR = 2 Ordinary Shares
  • Exchange: OTC
  • Symbol: NEXGY
  • CUSIP: 65342A206
  • For more information on NEX Group DRs please visit and enter “NEXGY” in the search field.

For shareholder enquiries, please use the following contact details:

  • BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
    PO Box 30170
    College Station
    TX 77842-3170
    United States of America
  • E-Mail:
  • Telephone: Toll free number for domestic calls: +1 888 269 2377
    International callers: +1 201 680 6825